The Circuitous block prints complete the spectrum of dimensionality expressed by Yes, And and In Orbit 1-9. The compositions probe evolutions in and out of chaos, order and pattern, transitioning seamlessly between busyness and calm. A polymorphous perverse math of linkages, intersections, and hookups. Unlike fabric – which is soft yet solid – the fluidity of the ink introduces a sense of barely controlled pandemonium and semi-transparent layers allow the pinks and blues to sit next to and on top of each other. Where they overlap and intermix, we start to see the colors that come from their pairing: various shades of purple, rose and violet. These hypercolor curves could be designs for future quilts just as easily as diagrams of technical circuitry. Which begs the question as to how different are the crafts they represent and how we approach and appreciate each in turn.

(Photo credit: Jim Escalante.)