From 2010-2019, I taught classes for adults and children at Lillstreet Art Center in Chicago. Five week classes provided 15 hours of instruction; 10 week classes provided 30 hours of instruction. During my time there I interfaced with literally thousands of students and expanded the Textile Department’s curriculum greatly.

Adult Classes:

First Time Sewing

Second Time Sewing: Zippers and Buttons

Independent Sewing Projects

Garment Construction

Sew Your Own Tailored Shirt

Sew Your Own Underwear

Sew Your Own Bra

First Time Quilting

Quilting: Start to Finish

Independent Quilting Projects

First Time Knitting

Independent Knitting Projects

First Time Screen Print on Fabric

Screen Print with Dye

CMYK Screen Printing on Fabric

Independent Printing Projects

Fabric Design and Print Exchange

Collecting Color: Dye, Print and Sew

First Time Embroidery

The Fine Art of Embroidery


Screen printing birthday/bachelorette parties (t-shirts, tote bags)

Block printing and screen printing at outdoor booths like Renegade Craft Fair

Kids Camps:

Sew Much Fun (First Time Sewing)

Sew Much More (Second Time Sewing)

Creative Costumes

Mythical Creatures

Nature Camp

T-Shirt Factory