Part of the Blue is the Sky series. Latex paint on nylon flag cloth. Installed at Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, IL.

“In his seminal book, Interactions of Color, artist, designer and teacher, Josef Albers, presents a series of exercises through which students are able to gain understanding of color as it relates to art and design. By combining the frameworks of Albers’ exercises with my own collection of sky swatches, I propose to create a series of flags that investigate how the colors found just in just one location (the sky) function abstractly and in relation to one another. Flags provide a particularly effective opportunity for these investigations by allowing the colors of the flags to interact directly with the color of the sky. In order to push this relationship, my flags will incorporate cut-out sections within the compositions so that the sky can act both as an external frame for the exercises and as an active participant. I am also interested in utilizing the site-specific nature of this installation by using only swatches collected on-site over the first six months of 2013.

The paint swatches used to determine the color of the sky present a ready media that, through experimentation, I have determined will make an excellent material for the flags. The paint will be applied to polyester flag cloth allowing the flags to fly and therefore function.”

(Photos by Joe Tighe.)