Digital Photography Series.

Every day of 2013 I have taken one photograph in which I match a paint sample to the color of the sky as exactly as possible. While these photographs constitute one avenue for this body of work, I am also interested in analyzing the colors of the swatches in their own right through outdoor and indoor installations, creative infographics and other means yet to be discovered. This body of work investigates our relationship with the sky, explores the distinctions between perception and reality, and investigates the importance of emotional response versus scientific analysis. – See all of the photos on my flickr.

January: Once a Day,

February: Night Sky,

March: Transition Times – Dusk and Dawn,

April: Same Time Same Direction – 1:30pm facing South,

May: People,

June: Other People Swatching,

July: Satellite Swatchers,

August: Media Representations.