Coming Out Campfire Stories. What’s more iconic of a summer camp experience than sitting around the campfire telling scary stories? Well, coming out as queer can be scary, too. You never know how it’s going to go. Will you be embraced, loved, supported, exalted? Or will you be seen as the monster? Just like fairy tales, these real-life fables have power. They can teach us about the world around us, provide alternative roadmaps for a life well-lived. And, by sharing our vulnerabilities, they can bring us together. Part open mic night, part The Moth storytelling hour, queer participants at this intimate event will be invited to share their own stories of coming out. (Straight allies are encouraged to attend but will be asked to limit their participation to a listening capacity.) BYO Camp Chair. S’Mores makings may be provided.

Friendship Bracelet Making Workshop. When did we stop making our friends gifts just to show how much we care about them? There was a time where I was marked by this constructive love at all times, especially through the wearing of handmade jewelry. Hand-knotted friendship bracelets are a perennial staple of summer camp experiences. By picking colors and patterns specifically for friends and investing time and concentration into the finished gift, making them is a manifestation of affection. Channel your inner fearlessly affectionate self by making your BFF, spouse or found family member a hand-knotted treasure! Drop in any time between 2-5pm for free materials, instructions and camaraderie. BYO Camp Chair.

Capture Your Flag: Design and make your own pride flag. The first version of a rainbow Pride flag was designed in 1978 by Gilbert Baker. Over the years, it’s undergone many changes both to the colors and the composition. And as our understanding of queer identities has expanded, so have our pride flag options. A flag can be a great way to herald community and bring people together in solidarity. But can individual identities ever be represented by generalizations? In this hands-on workshop, we’ll explore the history of pride flag designs, color and composition theory and learn some very basic construction techniques. Each participant will design and make their very own small pride flag inspired by their identity and personal style. All materials will be provided. BYO Camp Chair.

Tie-Die Camp Camp T-Shirts Workshop. What’s more iconic of a summer camp experience than a tie-dyed camp t-shirt? Relive (or enjoy for the first time) a classic arts and crafts activity with a queer twist. Participants in this workshop will each receive a blank t-shirt screen printed with the Camp Camp logo printed in white ink. Together, we’ll learn lots of options for tie-dye design and then saturate the shirts with vibrant color. Once dyed, the Camp Camp logo will come out (see what I did there), standing proudly against the colored fabric. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. Remember: dye is permanent! Please dress appropriately or BYO apron.